I live in Northern Ontario and we can easily get 4 snow days a year here – with school buses cancelled and kids get to stay home and while they are thrilled not to have to go to school, you as a parent, may not feel the same way. So instead of stressing out or committing the unpardonable parental sin of insisting that you’ll drive them to school anyway because it’s “still open” – here’s a list of fun things you can do that will pass the time while making some happy new memories together.

  1. Embrace the weather; this is especially important if you live in the north – ’nuff said!
  2. So on that note, build a snow fort; go tobogganing, make snow angels.
  3. Or stay inside (where you’ll find me) and make hot chocolate – try this delicious recipe! Snowy Day Hot Chocolate Recipe 
  4. Put on a play – get out old costumes – use a fake accent and everyone (including you!) acts out a character.
  5. Make a fun new recipe where you have to use an unusual ingredient or two…ala Chopped Canada.
  6. Play games – Indoor Snow Day Activities 
  7. Have a summer party with an in-door picnic while wearing shorts and tops.
  8. Build an in-door fort or tent in the living room and watch favourite movies inside.
  9. Shovel the driveway together and then go help a neighbour dig out.
  10. Play store and bank with fake food and monopoly money and use it as a teachable moment with your children about budgeting.  

As schools face extreme numbers of snow days, some are turning to virtual school days to keep kids learning. In fact some critics argue that with global warming, students will see an increase in snow days and that’s led to some interesting discussions about what our children should be doing at home during these occasions. But in the meantime, we are still making snow angels in northern Ontario!



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