Well it’s that time of year and with the countdown to Christmas on, it’s time to pull out the decorations, take stock of what you’ve already got, and based on your budget and space, add some of this year’s new décor pieces. But wait – what if your home is listed and on the market for sale over the Holidays – how will that impact your decorating plans? You don’t have to have a sparsely decorated home but too many festive trimmings may overwhelm potential Buyers who won’t be able to see past your reindeer collection. Here’s how to strike the right balance:

  • Tis the Season It’s perfectly okay to decorate your home for the Holidays if you keep the old saying “less is best” in mind. Just start with a clean slate by removing all non-Christmassy items that make your house look smaller and messier. Dedicate an organized area in the basement for boxed items as you really want all of your rooms to show as big as possible.
  • Stay neutral This is vital because you want people to be able to picture how their furniture and possessions would look in your home so do ensure that your Holiday collection compliments your current décor. If your home is painted in grey tones, don’t put out your bright red and green items – instead opt for blue and silver pieces with some snowflakes and icicles.
  • Create warmth Make your home smell as cozy as possible – when you have a showing, add a cinnamon, vanilla or apple scent as these have been proven to appeal to the emotions of potential Buyers. It’s no surprise to me when a Buyer tells me she wants to Offer on a home that made her feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Match the Tree If your Christmas tree overwhelms the space you set it in, your room will look that much smaller. Change it out for one with a smaller base, making sure that its branches don’t brush you when walking by and then decorate it to match the rest of your festive colour scheme.
  • Clear the Snow The good news is that if Buyers are viewing your home over the Holiday Season, it’s because they are serious about buying a house. The bad news is – if the walk-way isn’t shoveled and the ice is built-up – they won’t be able to get to your front door. Ensure that your walkway and driveway are walkable!

Whatever your festive style is, one sure way to get your home noticed this season, is by creating a warm feeling when people walk through your door. By limiting your holiday trimmings and leaving as much open space as possible, you’ll be soon selling and packing the rest of the house up in no time and next year, in your new home, you can decorate it any way you please!



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