Here in Northern Ontario, we know a thing or two about how to occupy ourselves during long winter days and that includes how to keep the kids busy during March Break with lots of activities that are easy on the wallet. Check out these fun, free ideas:

  1. Get the kids outside and away from the electronics and go skating at your neighbourhood’s outdoor rink. If this is a new activity for the family, you can buy reasonably priced, second-hand skates on Kijiji or at your local thrift store before spending large on new ones.
  2. Visit your local fire station. Call your city’s fire services department to book a tour of the fire hall. Your child will learn about becoming a fire fighter, fire safety habits and most likely get to sit in the front seat of a fire truck – a great photo opportunity and memory for the little ones.
  3. Make some magic! What child doesn’t want to practice some cool magic tricks to impress his friends at school? Get fun and free magic-tips from the experts and everyone can learn some new tricks over March Break.
  4. Free swimming is sponsored by Tim Horton’s restaurant owners during the month of March at local community pools across Canada. See when and where free swimming is offered in your area.
  5. Read a bit! Support your local library and see what it has going on over March Break. You can check out the calendar online and pre-register your children for fun and free activities including family reading programs plus tons of movies and music all are available to loan – all year long – for free!

You don’t have to break the bank to keep your children busy and occupied over March Break. With some creativity and planning they’ll be entertained and engaged while enjoying quality family time with one another. Do you have some great ideas to share? Reach out to me at: 


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