Looking out my window today in Northern Ontario, it’s hard to see any signs of spring, but apparently it is just around the corner (or so goes the rumour) and what better way to welcome it but with a bit of spring cleaning? Whether you can dedicate a whole weekend or just a few hours at a time, these cleaning tips will help freshen up your in-door space, while you wait for the snow to melt.

  1. De-clutter! You can’t properly clean if you have piles of random stuff everywhere. Marie Kondo a renowned tidying expert encourages keeping only the items in our life “that spark joy”. Deciding what to keep, trash or donate can be freeing.
  2. Tackle one room at a time – it’ll help you to stay focused. Going back and forth between rooms is time wasting and ultimately frustrating because you won’t have cleaned as much as you thought you did.
  3. Organize your cleaning items. I like to use environmentally friendly products, so I clean with (Norwex) microfiber cloths, vinegar and water. I have a hand held basket with my spray bottles, cloths and small duster that goes with me from room to room.
  4. Vacuum your ceiling and walls from top to bottom. Wipe them down including baseboards. Open the windows. Dust all surfaces. Clean light fixtures, light bulbs, mirrors, door handles, switch-plates and railings. Sweep and mop floors. Steam clean or shampoo any carpet.
  5. Wash out all curtains, bedding, and throw rugs. Vacuum your couch – get under the cushions. You’ll be amazed what you find!
  6. Muck out the entire fridge. Wipe out the drawers and shelves. Get rid of stale/past due date items – I’m looking at you mayo – plus any leftovers in the freezer that you are never going to eat.
  7. Clean your oven. These days, most ovens are self-cleaning either with high temperature or steam and when the cycle is finished, all you have to do is clean out what remains. Or instead, you can wipe down the oven by hand with hot, soapy water and a plastic scrub pad – avoiding harsh chemicals.
  8. Clean inside your microwave. It can get pretty gunky in there so a quick tip is to fill a microwaveable bowl with 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and microwave it on high for 5 minutes. The steam will loosen any baked on food and it’ll be a breeze to clean it.
  9. Dust electronics including computers, keyboards, TV remote controls, play stations and stereos, using microfiber or electrostatic cloths.
  10. Order in dinner – you deserve it!
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